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Strategic Partners

We work with partner firms to bring together the best of thinking and talent.  If you need an introduction to one of these firms, we are happy to help you. 


The Christopher Group (TCG) has become one of the nation's largest and most respected boutique HR Executive Search and Business Solutions firms. With a wide range of services, including Executive HR Search, Interim HR Contractors, Fractional CHROs, Expert HR Consulting, and Bench Builder, TCG has been a trusted provider of customized HR solutions for clients across all industries, locations, company sizes, and verticals. Our team of former HR professionals and highly trained search practitioners bring a wealth of expertise to every engagement, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality human capital solutions. TCG, is dedicated to delivering results that truly make a difference for their clients, helping them to achieve their goals and drive success for their organizations.

TCG HR Executive Search: With a track record of market-proven success and critical acclaim, their specialized team sources, assesses, and places top-performing human resources talent at all levels, boasting an impressive 79% slate-one fill rate, a 99% average diversity mix (people of color and women) across all searches, and a less than 1% first-year candidate failure rate, all backed by an industry exclusive 100% moneyback performance guarantee!

At Anthropont, their vision is to be the premier global human resources consulting firm renowned for delivering win-win solutions that bridge the talent gap and drive exceptional results and engagement for businesses and stakeholders. They believe collaboration is key to success, and strive to create an environment where all parties can work together to achieve their goals.

They focus on bridging the talent gap which means that they are dedicated to helping organizations identify, develop and retain top talent, ensuring that they have the resources they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. 

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